Inside Out. Workshop and performance project



During our residency at Goethe-Institut Marseille and the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus we wanted to encounter the Bauhaus and Marseille within the framework of material reality – Bauhaus as the iconic symbol for modernist design and Marseille as a city where throughout the history diverse ethnographic cultures have been merged.

During seven days of preparation we collected objects (approx. 30) from citizens of Marseille (through an open call) and transformed them during a three days performance into fictional Bauhaus artifacts. The transformation process has taken place on a visual and aesthetic but as well on a conceptual level. Therefore we created beforehand a catalogue of concepts, shapes, colors and materials from the Bauhaus school and used this as our set of rules and inspiration. During the performance the outputs of the workshop area grow into an exhibition of transformed objects – unknown objects from daily, contemporary life in Marseille that try to look like celebrated, iconic Bauhaus artifacts.

With this act we question the influence, impact and importance of iconic and famous modern design movements and put it into contrast to contemporary, daily life commodity which is valuable for individuals in Marseille. By collecting usual objects from Marseille we researched on the local material culture and started a conversation about personal stories and their cultural background in contrast to the strict ideals and rules of the Bauhaus school. Besides making a critical and ironic statement this was also as an educational approach.


About us: 

We are Anais Borie(FR), Aram Lee(KOR) and Ottonie von Roeder(GER), a designer trio based in the Netherlands and Germany, working from time to time on speculative, critical and performative projects together. Projects we did for now were “Dream Factory”, a performance during the Dutch Design Week 2016, and the “Inside Out” series in collaboration with the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen and during Forecast Platform at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin with Kunstgewerbemuseum, Museum der Dinge and Bröhanmuseum.




WATER BOTTLE – Through the water bottle brought that is used individually only by the owner we had a talk about the usage of PET and global access to water. Inspired by the idea of collectivism, that was promoted in early Israel by the Bauhaus architect Arieh Sharon amongst others, we transformed the object into a bottle which could be used by many different family members.





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