Workshop and concept Using the methodology of Theatre of the Oppressed, developed by theatre practitioner, drama theorist and political activist Augusto Boal (1931 – 2009, Brasil), this workshop in a creative and participatory ways researches the dilemmas we face in the work field of trauma, memory and heritage. Boal’s methodology is rooted in Latin-America societies […]

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Inside Out. Workshop and performance project Concept   During our residency at Goethe-Institut Marseille and the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus we wanted to encounter the Bauhaus and Marseille within the framework of material reality – Bauhaus as the iconic symbol for modernist design and Marseille as a city where throughout the history diverse ethnographic cultures

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Shattered Memories, Living Objects: Workshops and Exhibition With the HCZ project, the team of Eleven Emlékmű (Living Memorial) slightly modified its traditional methodology. While the public discussions traditionally organised by the group aim to counterbalance the official propaganda and fake news and create a space for ordinary people to speak up and engage in free

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Objects from a performative exhibition/ Obiecte dintr-o expozitie performata

We selected ten objects which are now history, all connected one to another. For many generations under the communist regime they were desired, used, exchanged, and trafficked, often valued more than their usual prices. To own them meant to be invested with power in various degrees but also, in some cases, to be put in danger. Their possession singled one out of the masses and for this it came with a risk. We included these objects in two separate categories: weapons of cultural resistance and weapons of physical resistance. All in one they are part of what we can call Survival Kit for Communism.

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Workshop Concept and execution   For our local project “Parallel Points of View”, we chose ten narratives (Emirate of Crete, Ottoman Crete, current Islam, Romaniote Jews, Sephardic Jews, Romá, LGBTQ+, women, expatriates, refugees) in a way that allows theoretical as well as emotional approaches, political as well as cultural and social ones. In other words:

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