Studies in Black and White

The Black Lives Matter movement, Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) in The Netherlands, the turmoil surrounding statues of heroes with a flipside, cultural institutions that distance themselves from their namesake, there is a lot brewing in the Netherlands and many of the current urges seem to be traced back to our shared colonial past. How do you make such sensitive topics and the dilemmas they raise negotiable, in such a way that all perspectives are given the space to be heard? And how can this complex heritage with its dynamic meanings be passed on to future generations in an inclusive way?

Studies in Black and White is a multi-year project of Creative Court in collaboration with Giselle Vegter/Hotel Eldorado, which consists of a trajectory of participatory artistic research. The pilot episodes will take place in collaboration with H401 and as part of the Heritage Contact Zone project.

We question how our shared history of colonialism operates in our current social interaction and we examine how a social narrative arises from unconscious assumptions and the associated feelings and views.


24 oktober 2020, 14 november, 5 december, 13 — 17.30 hrs

Due to the workshops being a pilot and the need for a curated safe space and the light of the Corona-related health and safety protocols the workshops are by invitation only. If you are are professional from heritage or culture that wants to contribute to this pilot, please write a short e-mail of motivation to l.ebert (at)

13 May 2020 – status done

Timișoara 2020 together with Theatre of Resistance Timisoara

6 and 9 July 2020

Etz Hayyim together with Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge

27-29 July 2020

Goethe-Institut together with Colectiv A at the Cultural Management Academy 2020
Project ”Laboratory of the absent body. Reset scenarios for performing arts”

August-September 2020

On Shame and Family Histories.
H401 together with Creative Court The Hague

Date TBC
Living Memorial together with NN

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