Parallel Points of View:

Heritage and Intercultural Dialogue.

20 -26 October 2019

How do a Byzantine drawing of Muslim invaders, a family photograph preserved in today’s Turkey, a somewhat worn out mascot toy of the 2004 Olympic Games, a bowl of Cretan mountain greens and a small orange plastic boat together create a kaleidoscopic view of modern-day Hania? The exhibition, “Parallel Points of View: Heritage and Intercultural Dialogue. Heritage Contact Zone, Hania” (20-26 October 2019) attempted to answer this question.

The exhibition provided a glimpse into present-day Hania; it aimed to address whether and how today’s society associates itself with the long and multilayered history of the city, and of the island more widely. Fifty diverse objects were chosen by fifty participants who also recounted the stories behind these objects during a series of workshops. The participants broadly represent ten different points of view that reflect perspectives not usually included in the mainstream narrative. A number of these items and their stories were juxtaposed with modern art objects created by local artists especially for this exhibition as a response to the specific narrative.

To quote the exhibition curator, Konstantin Fischer: “It is our goal to show the richness of the existing cultural diversity in our specific, as well as wider, area and to present this rich cultural diversity to the general public as an opportunity for Hania, Crete and Greece. We aim to build bridges given that currently cultural stereotypes tend to divide the population.” Already in the workshops with participants from various social groups, this construction of bridges began and was facilitated by the inclusive approach taken by the curating artist. This approach was continued when the exhibition was on display for one week. Visitors were invited to participate, share their own stories and reflect in interactive ways on the nature and interplay of parallel narratives and perspectives in order to appreciate them as enriching “parallel points of view”.



Crete: an island with more than 5,000 years of rich and diverse recorded history. Which parts of the narrative, which perspectives form our identities, which parts of the narrative are forgotten, how did they disappear? To which point can we choose the ways in which we see ourselves, how does our perception depend on others? Our acceptance of otherness: how far does it go, and how is it linked to the perception of ourselves, to our culture, to our times?
Fifty objects, fifty testimonies from 2019, linked to the city of Hania, Crete, Greece.

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