2nd Partner Meeting: Budapest, 4-5 February 2019

HCZ partners met for the first time personally in a 2 days’ workshop in Budapest, in a research institute, facing the Parliament. First, the participants went to see the Living Memorial at Liberty Square and learnt about its aims and history. During the workshop, the goals and methods of the project were discussed in detail, and all partners presented their plans to organise exhibitions and workshops to raise awareness in their local publics about the importance of remembrance and memory work. The workshop also tackled the planned Toolkit and Website: their structures were outlined, and the partners’ tasks defined, the main categories of conflicting heritage were identified. In the evening, the international partners participated in a workshop organised by the Living Memorial with the participation of members of its memory community. During the meeting photos of various objects (of the future exhibition) were put on display and four members of the public presented the objects they had brought along and told their stories. The event was interpreted in English for the international partners.

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